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Experimental characterization of a new solar reactor for solar-thermochemical splitting of H2O and CO2

Florian Pfleiderer



Numerical engineering of ordered solar absorber structures and determination of convective transport properties

Thomas Brunner



Investigation of CO2 adsorption kinetics of amine-functionalized nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) under dry and humid conditions using a closed-loop differential bed setup

Lizhong Yang



Experimental demonstration of thermochemical reduction of ceria in a solar aerosol reactor

Rafik Barhoumi



Experimental Investigation of Multi-Layered Combined Sensible and Latent Heat storage

Claudia Walser


Design of a Solar Reactor for the Noncatalytic Syngas Production by reduction of ZnO with CH4

Michele Gregorini



Modeling and parametric study of a continuous solar thermochemical particle reactor for Co3O4 thermolysis

Gianmarco De Dominicis

192 2015 Design of a solar concentrator based on pneumatic mirrors Antonia Baumann
191 2015 Methanol synthesis from solar syngas:  Investigating the stability of a commercial catalyst upon initial equilibration and daily startup-shutdown Vikas Patil
190 2015 Solar air receivers for parabolic trough concentrators based on multiple parallel straight absorber tubes Marco Querci
189 2015 Design, testing, and demonstration of a gas-solid reactor for the oxidation of solar Zn to produce CO Stephan Tschumi
188 2015 Parametric study of the temperature distribution of a packed-bed subjected zo concentrated irradiation Karl-Philipp Schlichting
187 2015 Isothermal and continuous CO2 splitting with a redox membrane reactor Roberto Castiglioni
186 2015 CFD analysis of the gas phase characteristics in a thermogravimetric analyzer Carlo Speckert
185 2015 Investigating the stability and deactivation mechanism of a methanol synthesis catalyst upon daily startup and shutdown Men Bernegger
184 2015 Modeling of a triple junction solar cell for HCPVT applications Nicolay Wiik
183 2015 Experimental investigation of the Mn2O3/Mn3O4 redox kinetics for different reactant agglomerates Tobias Oechslin
182 2015 Determination of oxygen diffusion kinetics of metal oxides through mass relaxation studies in a gallium phosphate microbalance system Philipp Simons
181 2015 Experimental study of combined sensible and latent thermal energy storage using various PCMs Michael Kolman
180 2015 Thermodynamic characterization of perovskites for solar thermochemical H2O and CO2 splitting applications Marie Hoes
179 2015 Technoeconomic analysis of an industrial plant for H2 production via the Zn/ZnO thermochemical cycle Roland Jakober
178 2015 Doped perovskites for thermochemical oxygen separation within the context of solar fuel productio Adrian Reinhart
177 2015 Effect of the dopant concentrations of strontium and aluminum in lanthanum  manganese perovskites for solar thermochemical fuel production Viola Becattini
176 2015 Solar Carbo-Reduction of Boron Oxide under Vacuum Adrian Coray
175 2015 Experimental study of carbon particle generation and oxidation for the SPHER project. Mario Leoni
174 2015 Solar Reactor Technology for the Gasification of Carbonaceous Feedstock Fabian Müller
173 2014 Analysis of a secondary concentrator for the small particle heat exchanger Olivier Berchtold
172 2014 Off-sun testing of a novel solar parabolic trough concentrator receiver Markus Maier
171 2014 Set-up and testing of an infrared heating furnace for solar thermochemical splitting of H2O and CO2 via redox cycling Michael Böckli
170 2014 A CFD approach to investigate the influence of particle size distributions on the hydrodynamics of fluidized beds Francesco Andreoli
169 2014 Solar enabled gas turbine concepts for small scale modular plants Sandro Uster
168 2014 Investigation of the kinetics of solar Zn oxidation Di-An Tian
167 2014 Full 3D CFD Simulation with Monte Carlo ray tracing of a solar reactor for carbothermal reduction of alumina Silvan Siegrist
166 2014 Novel method for coupled radiation-conduction simulations in complex geometries David Perraudin
165 2014 Experimental study of snow metamorphism under advective conditions and temperature gradient Christian Andreoli
164 2014 Design of a heat exchanger for solar-heated salt separation in a supercritical water biomass gasification process. Jonas Keller
163 2014 Kinetics of CO2 reduction over non-stoichiometric cerium dioxide Laurent Sauvin
162 2014 Experimental testing and performance mapping of a pressurized high-temperature high-concentration ceramic air receiver Fabian Stucker
161 2014 Solar flux calorimetry: design, fabrication, and testing Filip Tanaskovic
160 2014 Determination of the manganese oxide redox reaction kinetics in a packed bed reactor Lukas Geissbühler
159 2014 Development and testing of a measurement method to estimate the particle cloud density of ZnO particles Mario Gasser
158 2014 Structural analysis of inflated membrane trough concentrators Michele Bernini
157 2014 Transient radiative heat transfer in a suspension of ceria particles undergoing nonstoichiometric reduction Lukas Gampp
156 2014 Synthesis and characterization of a novel renewable material-based CO2 adsorbent for direct air capture application Christian Schütz
155 2014 Experimental and theoretical determination of the spectral intensity in a solar simulator Alexander David
154 2013 Experimental investigation of a combined sensible and latent heat storage for concentrated solar power plants Raghav Kanna
153 2013 Application of the simultaneous multiple surface (SMS) method for the design of line-to-point focus solar concentrators Fabian Dähler
152 2013 Life cycle assessment of a novel parabolic trough concentrated solar power system based on inflated mirror membranes on a concrete support structure and air as heat transfer fluid Gabriel Happle
151 2013 Experimental testing of a high-temperature high-concentration ceramic air receiver for solar-driven gas turbine applications Nicolas Ettlin
150 2013 Thermo-optical optimization of heliostat field and solar tower geometry for solar-driven combined-cycle applications Tyll Naber
149 2013 Hydrothermal carbonization of biowaste sludge Zeno Robbiani
148 2013 Experimental investigation of a Mn-based redox reaction kinetics for thermochemical energy storage Fadri Pestalozzi
147 2013 Reduction of cerium dioxide in an aerosol tubular reactor for the thermal dissociation of CO2 and H2O Michael Welte
146 2013 Analysis and optimization of secondary concentrators and reflectors for parabolic solar trough receivers Jules Petit
145 2013 Optimization of single-stage pneumatic trough concentrators for maximum geometric concentration Max Schmitz
144 2013 Design of semi-solid flow batteries Christian Höcker
143 2013 Cycle optimization of the electro-thermal energy storage concept Florin Frick
142 2013 Ceria RPC with multiple length scale porosities for solar fuel production Daniel Marxer
141 2013 Development and testing of a scalable solar reactor for vacuum carbothermal production of aluminum Michael Takacs
140 2013 Distillation of Si via a carbothermal reduction of SiO2 using concentrated solar energy as an alternative heat source Nikolas Tzouganatos
139 2013 Numerical investigation of a combined sensible and latent heat thermal energy storage Mark Commerford
138 2013 Pore-engineering to increase performance of solar-driven thermochemical energy conversion Silvan Suter
137 2013 Heat Transfer analysis of a solar chemical reactor for the vacuum carbothermal reduction of alumina Vaibhav Singh
136 2013 Experimental studies with zinc recycling using a two-cavity laboratory solar reactor Reto Matter
135 2013 Barreras y oportunidades en Argentina para la generación de energía eléctrica solar concentrada de cilindro parabólico con aire caliente y almacenamiento en lecho rocoso Florencia Clavin
134 2013 Lanthanum-based perovskites as redox materials in two-step thermochemical cycles for splitting H2O and CO2 David Weibel
133 2013 Finite element analysis and Monte Carlo ray tracing for a novel solar dish concentrator Simone Tirelli
132 2012 Dielectric and discrete-switching secondary optics for through-based high-concentration photovoltaics Mladen Milosevic
131 2012 Diffusion of O2 in ceria at elevated temperatures and its application to thermochemical redox cycles Simon Ackermann
130 2012 High Temperature Reactor Combined with Thermal Storage for 24/7 Utilization of Concentrated Solar Energy Anna Wallerand
129 2012 Flow Modelling of a Solar Thermogravimeter Dominic Zimmermann
128 2012 Solar-driven CO2 capture from air Yi-Cheng Ng
127 2012 Solar steam gasification of sugarcane bagasse:  Thermogravimetric analysis of the kinetics of pyrolysis and steam gasification Elena do Santos
126 2012 Ceria reticulated porous ceramic for thermochemical fuel production Louis Moes
125 2012 CO2 capture from air using solar energy Reto Kuhn
124 2012 Doped Ceria for thermochemical Water Splitting (University of Zurich) Roger Jacot
123 2012 High temperature conversion of sulfur containing hydrocarbons and tars Philip Edinger
122 2012 Conjugate heat and mass transfer of reacting particles under direct irradiation Pirmin Ebner
121 2012 Numerical model of ceria particles moving though a fixed bed Christoph Baumgart
120 2012 CFD analysis of a packed bed reactor for H2O/CO2 splitting with Zn particles Thomas Sergi
119 2011 Heat transfer model of a microstructured reactor applied to exothermic reactions. Stefan Ströhle
118 2011 Experimental determination of the effect of the incident flux distribution on concentrator PV cell performance Monica Cadruvi
117 2011 Heat transfer modeling of a solar parabolic trough receiver by Direct Simulation Monte Carlo method Philipp Good
116 2011 Economic Viability and Environmental  Impact of Solar-Thermochemical Fuels Dominic Hofstetter
115 2011 Conceptual design and economic analysis of biofuels production via solar-driven gasification of biomass John Aubert
114 2011 Numerical modeling of CO2 sorption cycles on porous sorbent structures Jakob Peter
113 2011 Heat Transfer Modelling and Experimental Validation of a Solar Thermogravimeter Fabrizio Botta
112 2011 Modeling of conduction/convection heat loss from a trough CSP absorber tube Volkan Coskun
111 2011 Morphological and transport characterization of porous materials - Influence of pore-Level geometry Jan Marti
110 2011 High Temperature Solar Receiver Technology for Large Scale Power Production Di Han
109 2011 Solar ceramic tubular absorbers for combined-cycles power systems Peter Pozivil
108 2011 Solar syngas production via a two-step thermochemical cycle using cerium oxide redox reactions – Kinetic Analysis Felix Messerschmitt
107 2011 Thermal management of complex hybrid electric vehicles with thermal recuperation Felix Merz
106 2010 Theoretical and experimental investigation of solar-driven steam gasification of woody biomass Martin Rieks
105 2010 Influence of contact resistance on effective thermal conductivity in packed beds Fabian Meng
104 2010 Fluid dynamic analysis of a 100 kW solar reactor for the thermal dissociation of ZnO Jonas Wegmann
103 2010 Modification of a Model for Thermal Energy Storage in packed Beds and Comparison with Experimental results Giw Zanganeh
102 2010 Modeling of a high-temperature solar reactor for hydrogen production via two-step ceria redox-cycle Philipp Furler
101 2010 Solar steam gasification of switchgrass char in an externally heated tubular reactor Michael Kruesi
100 2010 A Two-Step Solar Thermochemical Cycle Based on Ceria Redox-Reactions: Reactor Design, Fabrication and Testing Christoph Falter
99 2010 Solar Thermochemical Production of Silicon Ozan Tuerk
98 2010 Sinterability of Al2O3-Graphite Composites Produced via Atomic Layer Deposition Men Wirz
97 2009 Optical design of the ETH high-flux solar simulator Jaber Gaabab
96 2009 Design of a 100 kW reactor for the solar thermal dissociation of zinc oxide Willy Villasmil
95 2009 Experimental and analytical study of a novel pressurized receiver Pascal Leumann
94 2009 CO2 splitting via solar thermochemical cycle based on Zn/ZnO redox reactions in a fixed bed reactor Frank Barthel
93 2009 Optical Analysis of solar concentrating facility for the design of a solar cavity-receiver Thomas Cooper
92 2009 Evaluation of a segmented quartz window for a high-flux and high-power solar receiver reactor David Klenert
91 2009 Dynamic model of a 500 kW solar reactor for the steam gasification of petroleum coke Luisa Burhenne
90 2009 Solar driven CO2 capture from atmospheric air Christoph Gebald
89 2009 A non-stationary solar-thermal power cycle Jan Wurzbacher
88 2009 Experimental Determination of Radiative Characteristics of Reticulate Porous Ceramics Roman Affolter
87 2009 Dynamic modeling and control of a directly-irradiated thermochemical solar reactor for the decomposition of methane Dave Dunnett
86 2009 Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of solar-driven and conventional production of syngas Floris Bruning
85 2009 Development and Experimental Investigation of a Quench Unit for a Solar Thermal ZnO-Dissociation Reactor Henrik Wallimann
84 2009 Transient radiative heat transfer within a suspension of coal particles undergoing CO2 gasification Thomas Rohner
83 2008 Experimental investigation of the production of aluminum by carbothermic reduction of Al2O3 under vacuum conditions Valerio Gianini
82 2008 Heat Transfer Modeling of Thermal Energy Storage in Packed Beds Sarah Brueckner
81 2008 Modeling and design of a novel pressurized air cavity solar receiver Daniel Hess
80 2008 Experimental study of solar steam gasification of carbonaceous materials Armin Fleischer
79 2008 Assessment of High-Temperature Electrolysis for Solar Hydrogen Production Matias Nso
78 2008 CO2 and H2O splitting via a solar thermochemical cycle based on Zn/ZnO redox reactions - Kinetic analysis Anastasia Stamatiou
77 2008 CO2 reduction via solar thermochemical cycle based on Zn/ZnO redox reactions in an aerosol reactor Aron Graf
76 2008 Experimental investigation of solar thermochemical processes using a high-temperature cavity-receiver containing a tubular absorber Enrico Guglielmini
75 2008 Solar Manganese Oxide Cycle Kevin Cuche
74 2008 Thermal stress response caused by concentrated solar radiation on an alumina disk Theres Felix
73 2008 Structural characterization of catalyst layers in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells using AC impedance spectroscopy Cyrill Lohri
72 2008 Monte Carlo Simulation of a Novel Circular Trough Solar Concentrator Roman Bader
71 2008 Development and experimental investigation of a quench unit for a solar thermal rotary reactor Clemens Suter
70 2008 Heat transfer analysis of a solar reactor for hydrogen production by direct thermal water splitting Dominic Brunner
69 2008 Investigation on cross-convection in PEFC serpentine flow-fields Denis Tehlar
68 2008 Simulation and Experimental Investigation of a Zn Hydrolysis Reactor Marc Brülhart
67 2007 CO2 splitting via a solar thermochemical cycle based on Zn/ZnO redox reactions: Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis Ilias Hischier
66 2007 Determination of radiative properties of a packed bed containing a mixture of ZnO, C, and SiO2 particles Klaus Jaeger
65 2007 Design, set-up, and experimental testing of a laboratory-scale reactor for the Mg/MgO cycle Gustavo Lunardi
64 2007 Untersuchung einzelner Aspekte der Angebots- und Nachfrageseite einer Energieversorgung mit erneuerbaren Energien für Gebäude Christoph Meier
63 2007 Life Cycle Assessment on solar steam-gasification of different carbonaceous materials Patrick Vielle
62 2007 Solar steam-gasification of carbonaceous waste materials  - Characterization and Analysis Jerome Schaller
61 2007 Experimental investigation on the solar steam-gasification using a two-cavity solar reactor David Ruch
60 2007 Carbothermic reduction of MgO using C and CH4 as reducing agents Giacomo Albisetti
59 2007 Improvements of a MnO-based thermochemical cycle for solar hydrogen generation Michael Schmid
58 2007 Solar experimental investigation of steam-gasification of carbonacoeus waste materials – Feedstock: tires Andrea Pedroni
57 2006 Fundamentals of Dynamics of Solar Chemical Reactors Philippe Osch
56 2006 Solar Thermochemical Cycle for Ammonia Production based on Aluminium-based Redox Reactions Fabian Meier
55 2006 Zn-nanoparticles in-situ hydrolysis for hydrogen production in a high quench rate reactor Nic Piatkowski
54 2006 Experimental Investigation of a Solar Chemical Reactor for Hydrogen Production by Methane Cracking Marco Zanini / Claudio Forrer
53 2006 Experimental investigation of zinc separation from a Zn(g)/O2 mixture Andrea Brambilla / Davide Colzani
52 2006 Investigation of tar reforming employing a catalytic partial oxidation catalyst Christian Pitta
51 2006 Entwicklung, Aufbau, und Erprobung einer Versuchsanlage zur Demonstration des Strahlungseffektes auf Hochtemperaturmessung in einem Gasstrom Michael Rohner
50 2006 Efficiency calculations and optimization analysis of a solar reactor for the high-temperature step of the Zn/ZnO thermochemical redox cycle Sophia Haussener
49 2006 Monte Carlo radiative heat transfer analysis of a CH4 flow laden with carbon particles Gilles Maag
48 2006 Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of the CO2 capture from air via a Na-based thermochemical cycle Noemi Ayesa
47 2006 The effective thermal conductivity of reticulate porous ceramics Brite Schrader
46 2006 Experimental investigation of Zn vapor oxidation in a quench apparatus Laurent Donati
45 2005 Direct feed flow controller solar combisystem with non-pressurized storage Martino Poretti
44 2005 Experimentelle Untersuchung zur Gewinnung von Zink aus einem Zinkgas-Sauerstoff Gemisch Frederic Wiedmer
43 2005 CFX simulation of a solar chemical reactor Andres Gartmann
42 2005 Untersuchung einer Tornado- Gasführung im ZIRRUS Solarreaktor mit CFD Patrik Leu
41 2005 NaOH heat storage: performance and application potential Donald Sigrist
40 2005 Derivation of a 1-D thermal model of vehicle underhood temperatures on the basis of test data using an evolutionary algorithm Marco Apolloni
39 2005 CO2 reforming of methane in a 20kW solar receiver-reactor Christoph Brander
38 2005 Evaluation of the use of emergent energy conversion technologies in the food industry Michael Witschi
37 2005 Tubular absorber surrounded by windowed tubular cavity Tom Melchior
36 2004 Injection systems of coal water slurries for solar reactors Fabien Kritter
35 2004 Development of a Zn-Hydrolysis reactor for H2 production Paolo Savi / Andrea Rusconi
34 2004 Thermogravimetric Analysis of the Zn-Water-Splitting Reaction Daniele Pandocchi
33 2004 Investigation of temperature profiles in a solar reactor Richard Lachmann
32 2004 Steam gasification of petcoke in a solar reactor - Optimization and parameter study Sven von Fellenberg
31 2004 System analysis of petcoke gasification process Miquel Bolinches
30 2003 Dimensionierung und Bau einer segmentierten Flussfeldplatte für Brennstoffzellen Daniel Meyer
29 2003 Warmetransport-Simulationen zur Optimierung der Isolationseigenschaften von SOFC-Brennstoffzellen-Systemen Reto Fluckiger
28 2003 Entwurf einer quench-unit für den solaren Zinkkreislauf Nicolas Bial
27 2003 Messung der effektiven Wärmeleitfähigkeit von Zinkoxid (ZnO) mit Kohle (C), Kalkstein (CaCO3) und Kalk (CaO) Andre Hofmann
26 2003 Design of an aerosol reactor for hydrogen production by oxidation of zinc and water: a preliminary study Hao Ly / Rodrigo Weiss
25 2003 Solar Thermal Steam Gasification of Petcoke to Syngas in an Opaque Fluidized Bed Reactor Robert Alvarez
24 2003 Untersuchung von Elektrolytvariationen in Direkt-Methanol-Brennstoffzellen Vahan Bammerlin
23 2003 Solarthermische Behandlung von Aluminiumfilterstaub zur Produktion von Verwertbaren Stoffen Lukas Hufschmid
22 2002 Heissgasreinigung von Holzgas für die Hochtemperaturbrennstoffzelle mit Schwerpunkt auf die Partikelabscheidung und die Entschwefelung Patrick Naeff
21 2002 Solar Pet-Coke Gasification – Direct Irradiation Michele Fasciana / Fabrizio Noembrini
20 2002 Solar Thermal Hydrogen Production Fabian Bruestch
19 2002 Elektrochemische Modellierung einer SOFC Rolf Bürgler
18 2002 Transient solution for an irradiated suspension of reacting particles Andreas Z’Graggen
17 2002 Wasserspaltung mittels Zink im Wirbelschichtreaktor Markus Schläpfer / Enrico Tempesta
16 2002 Carbothermal Reduction of Magnesium Oxide Adrian Schneider
15 2002 Investigation of the solar production of silicon and silicon nitride by carbothermic reduction of silicon dioxide Alexander Smeets
14 2002 Experimentelle Bestimmung der Wärmeleitfähigkeiten von Zinkoxid ZnO mit Kohle C, Kalkstein CaCO3 und Kalk CaO Stephan Marty
13 2002 Solar Petcoke Gasification - Indirect Irradiation Raphael Speck
12 2002 Solarstrommarkt der Schweiz und Betrachtung der erneuerbaren Energien im europäischen Raum Cengiz Cetrefli / Daniel Stierli
11 2002 Chemical Reactor Development for H2 Production by Hydrolysis of Zn Martin Seeman
10 2002 Analyse der thermischen Dissoziation von ZnO zur Produktion von Zn in einem chemischen Solarreaktor Javier Fernandez
9 2002 Solar purification of Metallurgical Grade Silicon Vartan Kurtcuoglu
8 2001 Zn quench by splash-condenser Stefano Piffaretti
7 2001 Solare Kohlevergasung Reto Mueller
6 2001 Solarthermische Dekarbonisierung von Methan Dominic Trommer
5 2001 Thermal Modeling of Solar Chemical Reactors Joerg Petrasch
4 2001 Experimental Investigation of a two-cavity solar chemical reactor for the carbothermic reduction of ZnO Thomas Osinga
3 2001 Solar hydrogen by zinc hydrolysis Christian Cortina
2 2000 Wirkungsgradberechnung eines chemischen Solarreaktors für die Zinkproduktion durch thermische Dissoziation von Zinkoxid Marcel Beerli
1 2000 Verweilzeitverhalten im SynMet-Reaktor Bjorn Thorud
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